OHM Chi Chi Sticks 2.0

OHM0654 BB

This is an extra-big 10-stick version of the June 2016 Bead of the Month. It is only available via custom order. Each stick will be custom engraved with 7-8 characters. Chi Chi Sticks practice (Kau Cim, Lottery Poetry or the Oracle of Guan Yin) is a Chinese divination method known as one of the oldest styles of fortune telling in the world.

The practice represents a method of random selection. The answer seeker kneels, often in prayer, in a temple, or before an altar. Holding the tube between palms and asking a question to the oracle/universe/whatever-they-believe-in. In many cases, an offering is made prior to the asking of the question in order to carry good favor from the higher powers. These offerings typically consist of incenses, fruits, cakes, and/or monetary donations.

The shaking of the tube, which is usually tipped slightly downward, results in at least one stick falling to the floor. If multiple sticks drop, those fortunes do not count and the tube must be shaken again. The number on each stick corresponds to a particular fortune.

OHM Chi Chi Sticks charm is our interpretation of this ancient tradition. By shaking the charm, you will always receive your daily mantra. Did you shake the charm? What kind of prediction did you get? What is written on YOUR Chi Chi Sticks ...charm? It is fun and easy! Here is how: 1. Make a wish or ask a question. Keep it in your mind's eye. 2. Hold the charm upside down to keep the sticks inside. 3. Ready? Go! Let the charm drop and shake it in a rattling manner. Only one stick should fall out. 4. Once your stick falls out - you are ready to read your fortune. Have fun!

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