OHM Drops Of Life (3E)


"*Drip* *Drip* *Drip* - Droplets of glistening red blood accumulate at the end of dark silver chains. Slowly they pool in a viscous puddle on the ground. Vampire bite or werewolf attack? To your wrist or your neck? The choice is yours as Dark Shadows gives you the tools for the creepiest Halloween on record.

The Ohm Beads Drops of Life features gothic looking chains dripping with vibrant red blood. This charm is a must have for Halloween or lovers of gothic style alike. Team it with the Ohm Beads Sacrifice for an apt coupling.

For lovers of gothic and steampunk design: the Ohm Beads Dark Shadows collection. Black Ruthenium plating guarantees an enduring blackened aesthetic to these silver charms. Whether you're a fan of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, or the horror genre, these charms bring something a bit darker to your Ohm Beads bracelet.

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