Ready Made Bracelets

February 03, 2014

After the joy of playing with the Unique beads over the weekend, i wondered whether people would be interested in buying a bracelet already made?

We always thought it would be useful for the male end of the market come Christmas, birthdays etc but i did not know really where to start. Perhaps we could make up bracelets to order ready for their partner to purchase? Or a section which has a wish list for people to purchase from specific to a person? Hmmm lots to think about.

I thought perhaps i would start with the basics and do a classic black and white theme, natural autumn colours and perhaps a bright rainbow effect.

Next decision i guess would be all Trollbeads or a mix? I know a lot of our customers mix their brands, especially since the arrival of Redbalifrog silver beads. I myself love the combination and with our own glass and stone beads as well there is too much choice!

Then we get to the problem of budget. What nowadays is the budget for presents? Do we have a standard amount we spend on each other or does it depend on the item? Perhaps by using the less expensive beads we can create a bracelet for every budget. I can use the deals that each company provide in order to keep a sensible price!

Maybe i should also mention the male aswell. With the launch of X by Trollbeads the choice for your other half has grown again and for a reasonable price you can get a great look. Obviously the standard Trollbeads and Redbalifrog ranges do have male beads amongst them but, i think the new rubber and silver idea is brilliant.

I am going to get started ......... Please feel free to help me!!! All ideas are welcome and i will try my best to make up and load as many of your ideas as possible. At the end of the day the site is for all of you, our customers!

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