Redbalifrogs Enchanted Glade

September 02, 2016

Redbalifrogs Enchanted Glade

Today sees the ever creative Redbalifrog launch their latest collection 'Enchanted Glade'.

Featuring 5 new designs with a woodland theme, these beautiful and incredibly detailed beads have a real magic about them! We've been a fan of Redbalifrog for a long time now, and the new collection doesn't disappoint at all! We love how detailed the beads are, and it's obvious a lot of time and love has gone into the making of the Enchanted Glade collection.

'Fox in a Log' sees a playful fox cub scrambling through a log, and you really do get the image of a young fox scampering through the woods exploring it's surroundings.

'Owl Nest' has a trio of owlets poking their heads out of their nest, no doubt looking for their mother to bring them some food.

'Spotted Fawn', reminiscent of everyones favourite baby deer, is wonderfully detailed and has a real innocence to it.

'Mushroom Pod' brings a fantasy element to the collection, with a beautiful rendition of a house for a mythical woodland creature. This fun funghi comes complete with it's own door, window, chimney, and vine decor growing on its rear.

'Tree Goblin' continues with the fantasy side of Enchanted Glade. A protector of the woods, the Tree Goblin will use his magic to ensure no one disturbs the glade or removes any of its trees. 

Redbalifrog always put a lot of thought into their beads and when they all look as beautiful as this it's difficult to pick a favourite. If you're looking for something different to add to your collection, we highly recommend these. You won't be disappointed with the quality and the attention to detail Redbalifrog has to offer.

Why not start your own adventure through Redbalifrogs Enchanted Glade.

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