Trollbeads Nurtured Connections

Nurtured Connections - Spring Collection

A stunning collection centred around the theme of life as a garden. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the beauty that blossoms when you nurture growth, and value special connections.

What sets this collection apart is the thrilling addition of two entirely new products: the Leather Cord Bracelet and Connector Beads, and two new types of gemstone: the Fossilised Wood and Shell Beads.

The Leather Cord Bracelet not only embodies timeless charm, but also serves as a great entry point for those new to the brand - an enticing opportunity to captivate a fresh wave of customers into the world of Trollbeads. The new Connectors act as a bridge between two beads, with charming patterns creating a captivating look, while the Fossilised Wood and Shell Beads showcase nature's ancient wonders.

The rest of the collection features unique and exceptional pieces, including six newly designed glass beads, six faceted glass beads, seven highly detailed silver beads, two stunning silver clasps, a fantasy necklace, and a new gemstone necklace.