Trollbeads New Bohemian Summer Collection

May 09, 2014

The latest collection to be released from Trollbeads comes in the form of the Bohemian Summer Collection and will be available online and in our shop from 23rd May.

I am looking forward to seeing this release as it something completely different with more emphasis on the pendants and necklaces than on the bracelet. I love the look of the new Heart shaped pendant that allows you to pop a bead in between creating a whole new look. What bead would you choose to be the focal point??

(The above image is courtesy of Trollbeads.)

I think  the two new glass sets, which are stated to be Unique and therefore limited, are very representative of summer with the perfect little bee bead making an appearance in the collection!

(Image courtesy of Trollbeads).

The colours are just perfect for a summer vibe necklace or bracelet. Oranges and greens will look great with any outfit, mix in a couple of silver beads and you are complete. I think the Roses bead would obviously fit well but also the Carved Flowers bead.

The other kit:

(Image courtesy of Trollbeads)

This is much more cool and collected with more of a sophisticated feel rather than the fun of the bee! These colours will mix with any combination and with flowers and fern leaves ever present the silver choice to go alongside is immense.

I think Trollbeads are back with us now! A change in tact from the normal silver beads looking like animals etc, however nice, have been done. This is much more new and fresh.

As a platinum dealer we are allocated stock automatically which will be delivered just before the release date so please keep your eyes peeled to see my playtime!!

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