OHM Victoriargh


The OHM Steampunk Octopus bead is inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” which featured the Steampunk submarine the Nautilis and several giant octopuses that Captain Nemo and his crew encountered. Indeed, the movement of a real-life octopus is powered by water like a steam engine!

When an octopus needs a burst of speed, it fills its muscular cavity with water and then shoots it out like jet propulsion. The octopus can also expel a black ink as a cloaking device. Steampunk is all about invention and creation, and the octopus has been observed collecting discarded coconut shells to use as mobile armour. The real-life octopus even LOOKS kinda Steampunk, like he is wearing a helmet and goggles.

OHM envisioned an octopus that truly IS fully Steampunk with hydraulics, gears, wires, cathode tubes, and armor plating. They also added a touch of gnarly pirate to the mix -- another icon of the Steampunk genre -- and they named him VICTORIARGH. That’s Victoriana (all things Victorian) said with a pirate drawl, Victoriaaaaaargh!

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