OHM Blossoming


As the name suggests, the Ohm Beads Blossoming bead depicts tiny flowers in their full and glorious bloom.
As flowers develop from tiny buds into stunning articles of natural beauty, we too grow and flourish from children into adults, often choosing a career and witnessing it unfurl over time. This charm is ideal for those experiencing success in any aspect of life, be it a career dream coming to fruition or a summer romance taking root for something greater.
The Ohm Beads Manifestation Collection brings together contemporary design with whimsical overtures. The charms themselves boast an open work design, allowing the underlying chain to peek through the charm in a latticework effect. Meanwhile the exquisite patterning displays an individual symbol. Whether you see this representation as a personality trait, a life outlook, a quality you strive for or merely something you love is entirely up to you.

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