OHM Dirty Monkey


We all have monkey minds. A monkey mind is filled with untrained, jumping around, screeching, chattering, competing for attention monkey-thoughts. Monkey mind makes you feel uncomfortable, unsure, restless, joyless and stressed. Have no fear! Take control! Be curious! Learn to tame your monkeys! #JustTryIt

You can tame your mind just like a trainer would tame the monkeys. But like teaching a monkey, it takes a great deal of patience, effort, and determination to see results. Go deeper into the abyss of your monkey mind! Meet with your inner monkeys face-to-face - accept them and let them be. Encourage yourself to be present! Be curious! Practice makes permanent! Take 10 minutes to yourself in quiet stillness, every day starting today. Whichever day that is. There is no punishment for skipping, there is no reward to completing. There are only those 10 minutes and you. Set a timer, make a guess, take a moment and sit in stillness. #OhmEveryDay

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