Remember who you are and you will remember why we exist.

OHMily is not about beads, bracelets, or jewelry. OHMily is about staying true to yourself. OHMily is about love and appreciation for yourself. OHMily is about that part of you that cannot be ignored. 

OHMily is a reminder. It is a reminder for you to be you. OHMily is you. Until you can love and accept yourself for who you are you are not able to love and accept others.
OHMily is unconditional. You are a part of OHMily because you want to be. Everyone is welcome.
OHMily is family. OHMily listens. OHMily helps. OHMily cares. OHMily is there to support you for who you are. OHMily does not judge based on cultural, personal, professional, or any difference. Together we are OHMily.
Every member of OHMily is encouraged to follow their hearts. As has been said, "OHM is where the heart is." Do you follow your heart? #weloveyou #ohmilypride #oneworld #ohmflock #letsplay

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