OHM Last Grasp (3E)


From a graveyard blanketed in velvet blackness comes a subtle scratching noise, easily dismissed as nothing more sinister than common vermin. The ground below becomes disturbed as the digging comes from within. One bony finger protrudes from the damp ground...

Last Grasp depicts a detailed skeleton hand encompassing your bracelet in its final and eternal hold. This charm is a must have for horror movie fanatics and would look equally striking on either your Ohm Beads bracelet or necklace.

For lovers of gothic and steampunk design: the Ohm Beads Dark Shadows collection. Black Ruthenium plating guarantees an enduring blackened aesthetic to these silver charms. Whether you're a fan of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, or the horror genre, these charms bring something a bit darker to your Ohm Beads bracelet.

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