New X by Trollbeads

January 17, 2014

Well exciting times!! I have seen in the flesh the new concept that is X by Trollbeads and i must admit i am loving it. The range contains black rubber, bronze, silver and gold links. You can have single or double links depending on taste and budget but the actual design potential is huge. I do have a few pictures to show you but as always it is better in real life. I have measurements of the black rubber links and by Saturday the whole range should be available to buy on our website.

This is made up of the black rubber links and a Big Bow link in silver and also a basic silver catch. The prices are £1.30 for each rubber link and the Big Bow would be £58.00 with the basic catch coming out at £18.00. I have measured the black rubber links and they are 1.5cm each and i worked out for myself i would need 15 with a double linked silver and a catch.

The other links come in both silver, bronze and gold. Due to the price of the gold inks i have not seen them but i have seen the bronze and they are lovely.

This is the bronze and silver links with a Gamer double link. Each silver link is £24.00 and again is 1.5cm and the bronze £22.00. The Gamer bead is £50.00 and then the lock would be £30.00 in bronze or £45.00 in silver.

There is a wide range of animal beads available as well and they have produced the Chinese Zodiac beads.....

This is the Monkey double link which retails at £78.00, but does look stunning as a centre piece. And the skull is called All Saints and is £58.00. Amongst the range there are the birthstone links alongside quirky single links like the Fat Bird!!

These links are more feminine with the Love centre and Flower to off set the bold black rubber. Of course you can create this look with the silver and bronze links.....

I think the range is so big that we could go on forever. As i say we have one of each link coming to us (hopefully by the weekend) and you can have a look at prices and i can make up bracelets for you to look at. I personally think this will sit alongside the original Trollbeads concept perfectly and even compliment each other.

As an extra point i do think this is going to also appeal to the male side as well. Some of the links can be very masculine and with the black rubber i believe the male market could have found a new fashion accessory. I know that the original Trollbeads had a few more male beads but this is much more suited. The animal beads in particular can be made to be more masculine and a perfect gift for the man in your life. Just think it can be payback for all those lovely Trollbeads he has bought you over the years!!!

On that note i think i will leave you to digest. As ever we are here to help you so always email us on or contact us through Facebook on the Macrow & Son page. All i can say is excited to start a new adventure.........


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