Trollbeads "Share A Christmas Card"

January 17, 2014

Today we received our postcards to celebrate Christmas with Trollbeads. This is a worldwide event which encourages Trollbead collectors from everywhere to share a story. You can send a simple "Hello" to a full story of your favorite bead! As well as giving people the opportunity to catch up with other fans of Trollbeads it is also a competition. Throughout the month of December Trollbeads will be giving away a gift from the new Winter Collection (which was released today).

For your chance to win a prize just log on to the Trollbeads website between 4th November to 31st December 2013 and you will receive a Troll ID and the address of five other Trollbead collectors. Simply post off your postcard and earn yourself a ticket for the Christmas lottery!

This really is a great way to make new friends and even make Troll swaps in the future! We will be sending our postcards to a selected few online customers and encourage you to register and earn yourselves a chance to win a great prize.

If anyone would specifically like to be sent a card please let us know by emailing


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