Trollbeads Christmas Release 2013

February 03, 2014

Well this is a first! We are now all allowed to show you the images of the new release beads before they are released!!!

This is another wonderful release. After the success of the Fall collection (autumn to us!) i thought the Christmas may be a little disappointing but this is most certainly not the case. With both silver and glass being released we also have the perfectly timed release of the gold plated bangle. I am so excited after seeing them in real life the other day and now being able to tell you as well. OK so i guess you will be wanting to see the pictures......

Forgive the blurry image, i have tried to make it slightly bigger so that you can see each bead. I am sure i should be able to find each individual bead on the file but as yet no joy! So this is the Christmas Love kit and has 6 beautiful red/green beads. The price of the kit is £192.00 unfortunately these limited glass beads are going to be in price group 2, £32.00 each and it appears the buy 6 for 5 price does not apply. We will be selling both in kits and individually. They each have there unique name, Loving Hearts, Love Lights, Love Sparkle, Kiss Under the Misletoe, Festive Love and Budding Love. It is such a delight to see red in the collection i know lots of our customers are after more red beads.

The second kit to be released is the Elegant Christmas Kit:


This is a collection of blue/green beads and again will be in the same price group and we will sell individually. The names of these unique beads are:

Elegant Swirls, Elegance in Blue, Elegant Sparkle, Blue Kiss, Party Elegance, Elegant Bud. Please keep watching the blog and Facebook as i will post the individual pictures as soon as i find them!.

I presume most of our collectors will remember last year the release of the Christmas ornament beads.

This year they are coming in two different colour schemes to match the two new Christmas glass kits. This is the red selection and they are also releasing a blue selection. Last year the designs were all different and we unfortunately did not get to see the more glittery beads. This year it appears that the designs will be the same all over. There are three to choose from and obviously they will be sold separately or as a group. They are such a good idea for the necklaces.

The other dangle bead that will be released is the "Blizzard Tassel" dangle. This is a silver topped bead with a clear/white "blizzard" glass dropper. The bead itself is a "glow in the dark" bead similar to last years Halloween bead, Inner Glow. I am very excited about this bead and also the single glass "Blizzard" bead which also glows. As they are both white beads they will mix with many colours but i am wanting to see them on a plain black and white combination.

The rest of the collection is made up of silver and gold. The smaller silver bead is the "Christmas Heart".

With the bracelet flowing through the top of the heart it has a drop effect and detail on the bottom of the heart. There are a number of hearts available already in the Trollbeads range, but none with this effect. I think it is a welcome addition and means creating the perfect "love" bracelet is even easier.

Now Singing in the Snow is my personal favorite from this collection:

Unfortunately the detail is lost in the picture above but, please go over to our website to see a better view. ( I love the fact that the bead is 3d and there is detail all around the bead with each character having its own unique facial features. A must in my opinion. Mixed in with any colour combination or even just on its own on a bangle or necklace. This is on my wish list.

Another must is the Gold Plated Bangle. As many of you know i am a huge fan of the silver bangle and in fact i now wear it much more than my bracelet. I find it very easy to wear, both weight wise and with only needing a few beads you can create a new look every day with less time. Therefore this bangle is going to be another favorite. As yet we obviously do not know how durable the plating is but, Trollbeads i am sure have done their research and would not release an inferior product.

At £182.00 it is much less expensive than the gold bracelet and is more reachable for most of us Trollbead collectors. With a single gold bead and two coloured beads either side and two gold stoppers it will be great for the festive season. I can not wait to make up some combinations, perhaps even use the new gold bead, Stay Positive.

What do we have left........

Oh yes the beautiful Shooting Stars,

Made from silver it has actual diamonds in the stars. At a higher price tag of £205.00 it is a more considered buy but, for that someone special a Christmas treat for sure.

The release date for all of the above beads is October 25th, as some have already seen we are allowed to take pre orders and all the details and better images are available over on our website. For now i leave you to dream of the perfect Christmas bracelet. I am so excited and will be making up different combinations and loading them in the ready made bracelet section to make it easier for those men in your lives!!

As always i am happy to help with any "bead" problems so please email for advice etc.

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