Trollbeads New Release!

February 03, 2014

We have been very lucky here at Macrow and Son, we have been given permission by Trollbeads themselves to give you all a sneek peek at the latest release from the original bead company. This release will see a brand new collection of birthstone beads alongside silver and of course their world famous glass. We will only be allowed to load them on our website as of the release date but, at least you can get in your orders early and save your pennies for those must have beads.

I wanted to start with the birthstone collection as this is so different from the last Chinese Year collection that they did. Each bead is named after a flower and corresponds to a specific month of the year.

January is the Snowdrop:

Holding a pearl this bead has snowdrop petals drooping towards the bracelet.

February is the Violet:

Again this silver bead holds a pearl with the petals folding outwards from the bracelet.

March is the Daffodil:

This silver bead has both the leaves stretching around the bracelet and the petals of the Daffodil stretching up towards the sun. A longer bead on your bracelet this wraps around.

April is the Daisy:

This simple silver bead holds at its base a single pearl, with extra fine details to create the daisy petals it is perfect.

May is the Buckthorn:

In this silver bead the pearl is held delicately by the leaves from the buckthorn, again excellent detail.

June is the Rose:

A perfect silver Rose to celebrate the birth of a June baby. Smaller in size to the Rose pendant it is perfect for a bracelet.

July is the Water Lilies:

Hiding amongst the Water Lilies is a single pearl.

August is the Poppies:

Although not quite so detailed, this bead still holds the pearl within its flowers and would go perfect alongside the new Red Pod glass bead.

September is the Bindweed:

The Bindweed seems a strange choice for a bead but, this is a beautiful detailed bead which would sit perfect on any bracelet.

October is the Calendula:

This bead has such detail representing the Calendula flower and will mix well within other silver beads as well as glass.

November is the Chrysanthemum:

Already a huge hit with our Redbalifrog fans, the Chrysanthemum flower makes a lovely bead. This Trollbeads version will also be a huge hit I am sure.

December is the Narcissus:

A proud flower stretching upwards towards the sun light which fades quickly on these short Winter days.

So what do we think??? A large collection to celebrate each individual month paying close attention to detail throughout. I am hoping they will be a popular addition after the retirement of the birth stars. I will just finish with a few promotional pictures which we have been allowed to show you.



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