Trollbeads Latest Release Glass Kit.

February 03, 2014

The new glass beads are in a league of their own with two new kits and more stone beads on their way to us there is too much to choose from. The long awaited Aurora Stripe bead takes the place of the very limited edition Aurora bead which was released earlier in the year with the bangle set.

It has a similar colour to the bead and mixes well with a wide range of colours but, as always comes as part of a kit if you should wish to purchase 6 for the price of 5.

Taking a closer look at each bead within this kit we have:

Ivory Violets:

A white/transparent based bead with violet petals to create a flower. Although there are quite a few flower beads around this does match in well with the rest of the kit.

Amber Violets:

This is a amber/transparent based bead which again has the purple tinted petals to give the classic Trollbead flower. It is a must alongside the Aurora Stripe or original Aurora bead bringing out the colours perfectly.

Purple Rippling Bubbles:

The detail within this bead is beautiful. Each bead will be transparent with flecks of purple/violet running through and also a bubble or two to add effect. It compliments the rest of the kit perfectly.

Moonlight Bubbles:

It appears that the Moonlight Bubbles bead is going to be one that varies in colour from bead to bead so we will be photographing each one individually to make sure you receive the colour you desire. Again a great compliment to the rest of the kit with the bubbles running around the bead and using the same Aurora bead colours.

Aurora Flower:

The Northern Light colours continue to run through this bead also. The light blue petals fit perfectly on the Aurora backdrop.


Hmmmmm so what do we do...... Whole kit or pick out those individual beads which truly impress!!?? I already have the original Aurora bead so the colours from this kit would just match in perfectly.

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts....



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