Trollbeads Latest Release Glass Kit 2

February 03, 2014

As ever Trollbeads like to surprise us and this particular bead did just that!

A triangular glass bead!! This is part of the Native Elements Kit and proves to make the standard glass range very different. With its unusual shape and very natural aqua and brown colouring it is a must for any true collector.

The rest of this kit is also very different from the normal standard range glass beads.

The Red Pod:

What a stunning beauty a true ladybird inspired bead. For all those lucky enough to have an actual ladybird unique bead how perfect would this look alongside??? With the raised green leaves i am in need of this now!

Aqua Edge Petals:

Again the colours are very natural to mix in with the vibrance of the Red Pod, subtle brown and aqua in petal shapes go around this bead. It would be perfect also with the Rocky Beach colours.

Orange Pod:

Similar to the "ladybird" above this bead resembles a bumble bee with its yellow/orange colouring and the yellow raised leaves around the bead. It is quirky and makes any bracelet stand out from the crowd.

Aqua Edge Pumpkin:

Along similar shape to the original pumpkin bead this has aqua and brown colours to soften down the brightness of the Orange Pod. As with the other aqua based beads in this kit they mix in well with other beads from the standard range.

Green Pod:

The last in this kit the Green Pod has the same raised yellow leaves as the Orange Pod and similarly has the black dots this time on a green base. It really fits in with the natural theme well.


Again any comments would be great on what you think will be the hot sellers!!!

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