Trollbeads New Release Faceted Beads

February 03, 2014

This particular blog is dedicated to the faceted beads and the Engraved beads.

The above bead is the Engraved Fuchsia bead. A pink/purple transparent bead with a perfectly engraved flower on the face it is truly stunning. I am so excited to see this bead in real life... Going from the code number we have been given i am thinking this is going to be more expensive than the normal glass but, give the design i am not surprised. This will work so well with the Purple Heaven kit and also just on its own on a bangle. I have my eyes firmly set on this bead but then i saw this...

The Engraved Azure Bead:

Again the perfectly engraved flower can be seen but on a blue/purple transparent bead. The price will be the same as the Engraved Fuchsia so a tough choice is to be made. Or just take both! I believe these are going to be very popular beads and hope that they bring out a similar bead in different colour ways.

Then we have two new faceted beads.

Saffron Facet:


A yellow/amber colour faceted bead, it goes alongside the theme of nature and will sit well in the middle of maybe the Aurora beads. The faceted stone collection is ever growing and this adds a superb splash of colour.

Masala Facet:

A true summer bead! Bright yellow facets can shine all year round with this bead on your bracelet. Pop it with the Orange and Red Pod beads for a bracelet to brighten up the darkest of days.


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