Trollbeads Catch Latest Release

February 03, 2014

I am sorry there has been such a gap between the reviews! We had the wonderful Redbalifrog release in the middle and i promise i will get round to blogging about all the new beads. However first lets take a peek at the new locks!

It appears we have been treated to not just one but two new locks in this new release. The first is the Water lock:

I presume this is going to be along the same price and size as the Flower lock and the Plain lock. It offers another option for those creating a sea/ocean themed bracelet as well as those going for a natural elements look.

So on to the second which looks a little more exciting! The Stories of You Lock:

I am hoping that the price will not be too much higher on this lock. The detail looks exceptional and it will fit in well with both the Stories collection bracelet and the natural themed bracelets. It is a welcome addition to the collection and i am certainly looking forward to using this lock in my designs.

Can there be anymore surprises ...........

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