Trollbeads Latest Release Engraved Beads

February 03, 2014

When i first saw the pictures of the engraved beads i was convinced that the Fuchsia was the way to go but, in real life i think i may prefer the Azure.

Mixed here with the Chrysanthemum of November and the Water Lillies of July and on the new black/grey leather bracelet i found a beautiful combination. I may even have to invest in the new Black/Grey leather as i am sure it will accommodate so many different colour combinations.

The Azure itself is such a delicate blue black colour and the engraved flower is stunning. I also mixed it with the Spirit Light bead.

We have now taken a photograph of each of the Engraved Azure beads individually so you can pick the bead you want exactly.....

I am sure there are endless combinations already out there. Lets have a look at yours.....

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