Exclusive Glass Beads by Macrow

March 10, 2014

Well last week saw the arrival of our new project. We are very excited to announce the rebirth of Macrow glass beads....

The new beads are made exclusively for us and have a full sterling silver core and are hallmarked both with the 925 stamp and DPM (David Macrow). They have been made with the Trollbeads collectors in mind making the size of the cores smaller than that of Pandora and Chamilia.

The designs have been inspired by beads we know people like to buy and the next collection will see more designs and not just repeats of the first selection.


The fish, as we know, has always been a popular design and in our collection it is available in different colour ways. There is a translucent and block colour version to cover all tastes. It is wise to buy them while you can as we are not planning to repeat all designs.

The longevity bead again has always been popular and we have produced several different colour ways with and without flowers. These beads have given us inspiration to make further designs and in the future you will be able to see several different Chinese symbols on glass.

The wave design on this bead is more beautiful when seen in real life. We have produced this design in several different colours as well as with ribbon through. These we are hoping to continue with but again in different shades so if you see one now please don't wait as it is likely not to be identical next time.


This Poppy style bead is the start of a much larger range of flowers to include daisy and daffodils. We are hoping to make more poppy beads which we will combine with the Poppy appeal and donate some of our proceeds to the charity.

Whilst on the subject of charity, we are also hoping to make ribbon beads to help the breast cancer and AIDS charities as well as others. Collecting a set of these beads will be high on my agenda.

This is just a brief blog as a welcome to our new brand. We welcome comments and feedback as we can not produce what you want to buy without you letting us know what it is. I am hoping to be able to give more information on the next collection soon as well as a date for the loading. For the moment please take a look and have a play with our new Exclusive Glass Beads and post your picks on Facebook.....

Thank you to all for your time and we look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

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