Exclusive Glass Bead Scales Collection

May 12, 2014

This blog looks at the Exclusive Glass Bead which resembles scales.

Again we have tried to create different colour ways so that you can match in with your current collection. This one is my favourite as it has the pastel colours which you all know i crave! The beautiful pastel transparent lilac base has darker blue accents and white surrounds it is perfect for any bracelet and historic for us as it was the first to be shot from our new collection.

The second bead has a red base and white accents to form the scales. As red is a rare colour to find, this bead has been very popular and is running out now. Mix in with other reds or a black and white combination to give an accent of colour.

The following is a black base with lighter brown and white accents to form the scales. An ever popular combination, black and white, but also fits in with reds and the multicoloured rainbow effect.

To combine two of the more popular colours this has a black solid base with light pink and white scales. Again mixes well with other combinations or can be worn on its own on a bangle. The scales take up most of the surface of the bead making the black less harsh in appearance.

Those are the four different colours that we have at present. As with all our collection it is unlikely that we will repeat them every month so if you do spy one you like it is best to buy whilst you can. However saying that the scale design is always popular so we may just re make in different colour ways. The choice is always endless!!

As always please feel free to comment or ask for more information. I am available through Facebook and email.


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