New X by Trollbeads Range

May 22, 2014

This is the new collection from the X by Trollbeads range. It appears that they have gone all out this time with a new bronze heart link as well as several new pendant ideas which can be assembled on to a pink, green or black coloured cord. The silver pendants although pricey, are quite substantial and hang straight around your neck. I am having a play with them as we speak.

The Bird Skull and black cord has already found a new home and i must say it is a great statement piece.

Although it will fit with the green or pink cord, the black is perfect.

As you all know i am more of a pastel and flower girl, very stereotypical, so this next combination has just made my day!

Originally when i saw the picture i thought it would be too heavy but, actually on putting around my neck it is just perfect. If in doubt you could always opt for the smaller flower instead.

Both of these are called Flower Cloud or Clouds and you can really see the Summer coming through. This looks great on the green cord or the pink and indeed the black but, i personally think the colour just adds a bit more fun.

The Infinity bead is perfectly symmetrical and has the x bead fitting on each section so there is no one way up.

On the black this is perfect for the male collector and on pink or green you can have a matching pair.

As mentioned before the bronze heart link is also making its debut.

As ever the shape is perfect and i must admit I am amongst lots of people who were asking for more bronze. I asked one of the head Trollbeads gentlemen, when he came to visit us recently, why this was and apparently there was an initial problem with the casting but all is now well so we will be seeing more in the future.

All in all there are a lot of new products to get you started in the X by Trollbeads range and this now includes 2 new starter bracelets as well. These are priced lower than the first starter bracelets with the silver costing £59.00 with either black or the new blue links and the bronze costing £45.00. I love the blue and will be posting more pictures on Facebook later today with a mix of the silver and black and blue rubber links.

Please get in touch as always with your views and ideas or requests for pictures. We love to hear from you. Keep following our Facebook pages for more news.


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