Winter Is Coming...

November 06, 2014

With the weather turning much colder it is time to wrap up warm and enjoy the bright sky and crisp air.

We are excited about our latest creations which should be ready for you very soon, this includes the Exclusive Christmas Collection and Premium Stones.

Showcased here on a Trollbeads Bangle is our gemstone quality Exclusive Green Tourmaline Bead accompanied by two gold plated armadillo beads.


The quality of this particular stone is that of an item of jewellery. We are very fortunate to be able to feature such an item. (Price to be announced)

Our aim is to create items which are Exclusive to Us for You, with this in mind we present the Rubelite Tourmaline. Worn here with two gold plated armadillo beads it is simply beautiful. Gemstone quality, we have ritems of jewellery in our window displays created using similar stones. This is only available on our website, price to be announced.


We also have a Stone Collection currently being photographed to extend the Exclusive Stone Bead section of our website.

These include:



Blue Lace Agate

Amongst many others. We will update via our Facebook Pages Macrow Beads and Exclusive Bead Store. Please feel free to email with any questions on

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