Elfbeads Midsummer Bead Dream collection available now!

June 10, 2016

Elfbeads Midsummer Bead Dream collection available now!

Elfbeads have done it again!

Their latest collection Midsummer Bead Dream is absolutely fabulous! 18 new creations (14 glass and 4 sterling silver), which are a cascade of colour and imagination.  

Elfbeads always seem to create something a little different, their textures and patterns are truly unique and show real flair!

The Midsummer Bead Dream collection is no exception, from the beautifully detailed 'Flowerpods', to the wonderfully outlandish 'Gold Blush Gaudy', Elfbeads have made an inspirational set of beads. We love the dewdrop effects on the glass beads, they really do add an extra dimension and feel to your bracelet.

Check out the collection now to see which of these incredible beads can make your Midsummer Bead Dreams come true. 

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