More OHM!

June 15, 2016

More OHM!

Two more collections from OHM are now available at The Exclusive Bead Store!

We have just added Dark Shadows 2nd Edition, and Death Barrels to our OHM collections! 

For those of you who have a bit of a dark side, or fans of steampunk, then the Dark Shadows collection could be for you. A brooding collection of 12 detailed silver and glass beads, that will give your bracelet a Gothic twist. I'm especially taken with the glass beads Dark Soul, Broken Heart, and Royal Blood. The effect that has been created for these beads is brilliant, somehow those clever fellows at OHM have managed to make them appear cracked! Naturally it's an intentional design, and the beads are as solid as any other, but the effect that it has is stunning! 

The other collection from OHM that we now have available is Death Barrels. These are great fun! They have a flat edge giving them a barrel like shape (hence the name) and can add a real contrast in shape and texturing to any bracelet. This vibrant collection of glass beads consists of 11 different designs, and we really like how their bold look and quirkiness sets them apart (Rolled Over is a great example with its textured tyre-like finish). Death Barrels are a wonderfully varied collection and are sure to bring a new feel to your bracelet. 

We love how OHM always manage to bring something different to the table, and their sense of humour is fantastic! The detailing in their beads is superb, and we always look forward to what they'll be coming up with next.

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