OHM Mazey Podge


Mazey was the pet project of a seamstress. She was going to be her ultimate artistic expression, the thing that would define her. Over the years she would assemble and reassemble Mazey, obsessed with making her perfect. The woman would use one piece of luxurious material, only to find something better a month later and then begin the process over again. Finally, the seamstress passed away, leaving Mazey a patchwork.

Having heard her former owner repeatedly say she is going to be perfect, Mazey believes it completely. Others should love Mazey because in her mind “she’s got it all going on!” In reality that’s not always the case. Many of the boy bears think she’s cute, and Mazey will play to that. Often she does it not because she’s interested, but to get her way. At times they come away from interactions with her feeling used. Rita can’t stand her. She hates her “girliness” and her perceived helplessness, but Mazey isn’t helpless by any means. Often, she gets her way.

Mazey yearns to escape the dump like many of the others, but it isn’t necessarily love she seeks. She’s looking for an owner, who could provide the type of lifestyle a bear of her fabulousness deserves.Date of Death: 11/11/99

Favorite Makeup: Midnight mascara

Favorite Indulgence: Moldy strawberries

Mirror, Mirror: Reactions to her looks have always been intense. To gaze upon her has caused some to vomit, while others have died. Mazey always saw this as a compliment, “It must be because I’m so drop dead gorgeous!”

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