OHM Mundy Drudge


In Hester’s ongoing quest to understand the process of what makes a Teddy Bear a Teddy Scare, he created Mundy in his makeshift lab. The plan was simple. Take a bit of his own stuffing and implant it inside a bear he created. Like all mad scientists before him it went bad. Hester ignored the fact that their personalities were imprinted on them by humans before they awoke. When his creation came to life, he was almost a blank slate. The only thing he knew was the pain of rejection every bear carries to some degree. Mundy’s was amplified, because that was all he had.

This Frankenstein bear wanders the dump, alone. Devoid of speech, he expresses the pain and rage that boils inside of him through bone chilling screams that haunt all who are within earshot. Instead of just filling him with fabric Hester chose to sew stuffing inside of pieces of fabric. Mimicking human musculature the design made Mundy incredibly strong and durable. He is the most powerful bear.Date of Death: 3/22/49

Favorite Color: Bile Green

Cologne: Oil soaked rag

Comfort Food: Stale bread with creamy roach eggs

Hobby: Walking on ledges

Loves the Odor of: Permanent markers

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