OHM Sheldon Grogg


Sheldon had a really good “childhood.” His owner loved him very much and took great care of him. Their separation occurred when his owner simply grew up. Though he has a desire like most bears for a new owner, the happiness of his past life seems to have been the only thing that’s carried over into his rebirth. He is aware of the rejection, but seems to have a positive perspective regarding it. He is a well-adjusted bear with a healthy, outlook on his life.

Somewhere along the way Sheldon lost his eyes. For a while he looked for replacements, but eventually a new “sight” just developed. He doesn’t see as good as the other bears, but he manages to make his way. His “sight” is more of a feeling on where things are. This gives him an ability the other bears don’t have because his “vision” seems to carry over to the ghostly specters that haunt the dump.

Sheldon has a peaceful, relaxed way about him. He usually gets along with the others, though sometimes his tranquility makes them jealous. He has an annoying habit of nodding off at inopportune times, so the bears tend to give him tasks that are less important in case he falls asleep.

Date of Death: 5/27/40

Favorite Scent: Lavender

Nightcap: Chamomile tea with curdled milk

Dream Occupation: Sleep therapist

Favorite place to nap: Floating on black clouds
of pollution

Lullaby: Comforted by the moans caused by horrible nightmares

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